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Having spent the majority of my life, head down, bum up working everyday including many weekends, I stopped and took stock of what I was doing and where I was going. It was at this point that I decided to head to the great outdoors and do something that has always interested me, gold prospecting.

I ordered my new gold detector, picked up the old homemade pick and headed out to find gold. I have been prospecting for a few years now, at various sites and with many different people coming from all walks of life.

I have been successful finding that elusive bit of metal each time I went out, but found that some of my equipment was not up to the challenge. The picks I was using were either too heavy, poorly designed or the material they were made of was not up to the challenge of the rugged ground I needed to dig up. As a result many just simply bent or broke.

After consulting with my partners, we decided to make a better pick. A more versatile, better designed and all Australian produced pick.

We believe our pick range is pound for pound the world’s best pick…

We manufacture our picks from one piece of spring steel, this eliminates weak welded joins which prospectors have found frustrating when these picks have snapped at the welded joins when digging around and under tree roots.
Our picks are produced from industrial strength spring steel to ensure dirt is flicked out.
We use a unique hardening process, which is then factory tested to ensure strength and durability.
Our picks have a 10 degree loft in the picks head to assist in scraping dirt away and the pick heads are wider requiring less scraping.
We have incorporated unique wings on the picks’ head, which ensures that the dirt stays in the 'zone’ and is not sprayed around.
The handles we have chosen are suitable for tough Australian conditions and are made from all Australian hardwood.

With the four models of pick to choose from we believe we have the ideal pick for everyone.